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Recommended Photo Guidelines

  • Just send us what you have! If possible, bigger high-quality photos work better so everyone can see your boat. We receive MANY photos that would have been great but can't use them because they are too small, dark, blurry or grainy- we just can't use them! The photos you send should be at least that size (1,000 pixels wide) or bigger if possible. We can color correct, brighten, crop, resize images with photoshop. If you prefer to have your boat registration/license number removed or blacked out, let us know.
  • WE LOVE SHOTS TAKEN ON THE WATER! Your boat looks better in the water than on a trailer. Take photos from a dock or the shore or for the best photos, from a secondary boat. If it's only on a trailer, send them anyway!
  • Take photos of the entire boat from different angles and send some close-ups of tower mounting locations, tower, accessories, etc.
  • We encourage you to send us several of your photos (up to 6 or so) of your boat. We'll post the best ones.
  • We only accept photos of a properly installed wakeboard tower that sell on the boat.
  • You must be the owner of the boat and have purchased the product(s) from us.
  • Please do not send photos that are already in the gallery. New ones are welcomed, however.
  • We love all kinds of photos: family, friends, creative, fun, action, scenic -- impress us!
  • We will send you a free T-shirt to say "thanks." 
  • Note: If your photos do not meet the guidelines and contest rules above, we can't use them on the site and we cannot send a hat to you nor can we enter you in the content.