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Single FreeRide Universal Tower LED Speakers - Polished Aluminum

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Originally designed only for the FreeRide tower, we have switched out the mount with our universal clamp that fits 1.75" to 2.5" diameter tubing. 

This set has been upgraded with JL Audio's high-end M6 line of 6.5" diameter speakers with the latest in LED light technology. 

Unlike most conventional LED speakers on the market, these do not use a hidden LED ring behind the grill that casts its color on to the surface of the speakers. Instead, JL Audio has modified the surface of the speaker with Transflective material so that the LED light and color comes directly from the cone. As you can see in the product photos and video here, the difference completely different and is visually stunning. At the lake, these speakers are much more visible and project an expensive look.

As for the sound quality, JL Audio never disappoints. Marine speakers demand much more from design, materials and testing to keep them protected, waterproof, and UV resistant. Many speaker manufacturers have difficulty retaining the excellent audio quality from their car lines to their marine lines by not JL. The M6 line especially is geared for loud, clear, distortion-free music. 

Controlling LED Colors

Each speaker has separate wires for RGB (red, green and blue). There are two installation methods for how you control which color is shown. First, you can purchase JL Audio's RGB controller module (Model MLC-RW that features a compact, mount-anywhere form factor and an easy-to-use, rotary knob for adjusting the speakers' illumination color and intensity. This RGB controller works seamlessly with M6 series speakers, as well as most other RGB lighting options installed on a boat. With a turn of the knob or in tandem with an app on your WiFi enabled smart phone, you can instantly change the color to one of thousands of colors.

Or, without the RGB controller, you can simply connect the color wire(s) to the power source. You can either connect a single R, G, or B color to get those colors or you can combine RGB colors to get mixed colors. Here's a reference:

Red = Red Wire
Green = Green Wire
Blue = Blue Wire
Yellow = Green + Red Wires
Purple = Blue + Red Wires
Cyan = Green + Blue Wires
White = Red + Green + Blue Wires


Materials Used:

  • Injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene cone bodies with synthetic rubber surrounds, specifically formulated with UV inhibitors for marine duty.
  • Marine-grade, synthetic fiber spiders with progressive roll designs to withstand high humidity.
  • Specifically engineered polymer baskets are corrosion and UV-resistant and encapsulate the woofer's motor system to prevent corrosion.
  • Gold-plated, marine-grade brass connection terminals
  • Marine-grade stainless steel mounting hardware is included.

Marine Materials / Testing:

The design of marine products requires extensive materials testing to achieve reliability and longevity.

Detailed Information:

Building serious marine products requires a real commitment to environmental testing and materials specification. To this end, JL Audio has invested in Ultraviolet testing chambers (to simulate years of sun exposure) and Salt Fog chambers (to simulate years of exposure to salt-water environments). This testing is critical to building products that will not only sound great in your boat, but will also sound great for many, many years.

Features of Aerial Tower Speakers

  • Only fits the FreeRide tower
  • Extra high performance marine certified JL Audio M6-650X-S-GmTi LED speakers
  • Housing and mounts are corrosion resistant 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • Speaker wires connect through mount -- no exposed terminals
  • Pre-wired and ready for installation
  • Simple DIY installation
  • 5 year Aerial warranty on canisters and clamps
  • 1 year speaker manufacturer warranty
  • Finish: Polished Aluminum

JL Audio 6.5" M6 LED High-Performance Marine Loudspeakers (M6-650X-S-GmTi-i)

Purpose-engineered and built for real marine duty, M6 coaxial systems deliver maximum audio performance in any open-air boating environment, with the added visual impact of JL Audio’s Transflective™ RGB LED lighting.

The long excursion woofer design and excellent power handling make your music come through loud and clear at speed, or at anchor.

A 0.8-inch pure silk dome tweeter, specially treated to withstand the marine environment, handles the high-frequency duties. You will appreciate the clean, articulate high-frequency response of the M6 dome tweeter, especially at higher volume levels.

A true 2-way passive crossover network is built into the terminal assembly to protect it from vibration and corrosion.

Although M6-650-X Coaxial Systems can be used with as little as 25 W per channel, for best audio performance we recommend amplifiers capable of between 75-150 W of continuous power per channel. The patent-pending Transflective™ RGB LED technology emits a smooth lighting effect through the woofer cone, with a choice of several lighting colors.

Continuous Power Handling (RMS) = 75 W
Peak Music Power = 150 W
Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS) = 25 - 150 W / Ch.
System Efficiency = 89.5 dB @ 1 W / 1 m
System Nominal Impedance = 4 Ω
System Frequency Response = 55 Hz - 25 KHz ± 3 dB

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