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Aerial Oval Ski Rack Quick Release for Wakeboard Tower Polished Aluminum

$355.00 $309.00
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  • Product Code: BT-SKIQCKRCKU-PA
  • Ski / Ski
  • Universal Fit
  • Quick Release

Aerial's slick ski racks offer a great way to get your water skis up of the deck and securely help in place. Features a clean, classic design that compliments any boat's tower. Like all Aerial products and other wakeboard tower racks, these are made with high quality, super strong and extremely durable solid aluminum. Includes a rugged universal clamp that's easy to install on all popular tower tube diameters from 1.75" up to 2.5" using the included set of rubber clamp inserts.

The wide-set rack fingers are designed specifically to properly support the longer length of water skis and are lined with ultra durable and grippy rubber to protect the finish of your skis, help keep them from sliding around and prevent any annoying rattling. Kit also includes a premium bungee cord system that is designed to keep those expensive skis extra secure and set in place. The mirror-like hand polished finish is both beautiful and easy to maintain- just clean up with a little clean water and a quick wipe-down with a soft cloth.

Included with kit is all the mounting hardware and a set of rubber clamp inserts to accommodate all popular tower tube diameters from 1.75 inches to 2.5. The rubber inserts also protect your tower's finish from scratches and insulates it from metal-to-metal creaking and noise.

Aerial's excellent 5 year warranty is included and you get access to Aerial's customer service and product support team.

• Fits 1.75-2.5 inch diameter towers
• Made of quality high-grade aluminum for durability
• Premium rubber lined fingers to hold skis in place and protect their finish
• Classic, original design compliments any boat and tower
• Premium glossy black powder coating for ultimate protection
• Integrated bungee cords included to hold skis securely
• Extremely easy to install
• All mounting hardware included
• Full set of clamp rubber inserts included for use with your tower's tubing diameter and to protect the tower's finish
• Excellent 5 year warranty
• Finish: Polished Aluminum

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