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Aerial FreeRide Wakeboard Tower Wake/wake Rack Rotating for FreeRide Towers

$710.00 $617.00
(You save $93.00)

  • Product Code: BT-FRR5-PA
  • Wakeboard / Wakeboard
  • FreeRide Tower
  • Fixed
  • Rotating

This rotating rack holds 2 wakeboard racks and is custom designed to fit on the Aerial FreeRide tower only.

The longer and stronger forks are designed to securely store wakeboards. No more rattling from boards rubbing against each other, even at high speeds.

Need to reach your board while standing in your boat? Flip the handle and these racks swing nearly 180-degrees, giving you easy access to your boards.

Additional Information
• Designed specifically for FreeRide towers (NOT for use with other universal towers)
• Made of quality high grade aluminum
• Safety handle
• Rotating hinge
• Integrated bungee cords to hold boards securely
• 5-Year Warranty
• Finish: Polished Aluminum

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