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Stryker SG600 Folding Boat T-Top - Black


  • Product Code: SG600BK

Now offered in powder coated black!
The Stryker SG600 T-top features a sleek, modern style that will turn heads everywhere you go.

But don't let the beauty alone convince you! All our t-tops are made of premium 2 inch diameter(not 1.9" or 1.5" like some competitors) 6061-T6 high tensile aircraft grade aluminum(not weaker 6063 aluminum like some competitors) with a high performance marine-grade anodized finish(full anodizing bath on completed sections after they are fabricated and welded unlike some competitors) to seal everything with the best protection against corrosion and to withstand the harshest environments. On top of that, you get a premium powder coated black finish for even greater protecting. It's very easy to maintain and will stay a beautiful dark black.

Our t-top are "universal" meaning the upright leg sections can be moved in or out to snugly fit the dimansions of your center console unit. Completing the install with the massive solid aluminum top clamps and included side supporting stand offs, you will have a rock solid, beefy t-top structure with no sway, wiggle or rattle.

Capable of supporting hundreds of pounds, the Stryker offers the same durability and strength of custom and OEM-installed tops but at a fraction of the price. There's no sacrifice of strength, stiffness, rigidity, or performance with our t-top compared to OEM or a custom fabricated t-top.

Mount all your favorite outrigger gear, lights, antenna, radar or whatever you wan to any of the 7 solid aluminum mounting plates the Stryker SG600 T-Top comes with (SG300 does not have these).

The price of the t-top includes a marine-grade Sunbrella™ fade-resistant and stain-resistant canvas available in your choice of 1 of 10 standard colors(additional custom colors available at an additional fee). If you've been dealing with a standard folding bimini, you'll especially appreciate easier casting, the ability to walk your line all around the deck, and the luxury of being able to stand up straight under the shade.

When you're ready to store your boat, the Stryker folds down in minutes thanks to strategically placed quick-release knobs. Even on a trailer, the Stryker SG600 T-Top will fit in most standard sized garages when folded down. Standoffs in anodized aluminum(not  powder coated black) are included and can be sized for any installation.

Want to know if our t-tops will fit your boat? Just measure the width of your center console unit at the base where it meets the deck. If it's 18" to 48", the SG300 T-Top will fit. If it's 18" to 50", the SG600 folding t-top will fit. Even pontoon boat owners have installed our t-tops on their boat with no problem.

Looking to take your t-top to the next level? Stryker manufacturers a full line of accessories including an electronics box, rod holders, rocket launchers, antenna mounts, navigation lights and so much more. No matter what level of sports fishing you're at and regardless of what you fish for, we have everything you need to customize your t-top with affordable t-top accessories. Don't forget to call us for a customized t-top package with discounts you can't get online!

All Stryker T-Tops are designed for quick assembly and installation without compromising durability. The top is packaged in two conveniently sized cartons for fast shipping via UPS. A professionally filmed 25 minute online video provides detailed step-by-step assembly so you can follow along plus, we have detailed installation manuals. Plus, our fully staffed sales and support team are just a phone call away if you have questions. All that's needed are some basic household tools and a helping hand. Well over 90% of our customers have installed theirs themselves with an average of 3-5 hours all in.

You too can dramatically upgrade your boat with an extremely strong and stylish t-top, get a wide area of much needed shade to extend your days fishing, add tons of room for handy accessories, and increase the value of your boat with a small investment in a Stryker T-Top. Like every single one of our other happy Stryker T-Top customers, you won't believe the quality and performance and you wish you would have done it sooner!

Features & Specifications

Overall Dimensions:

  • Overall Height: 7' - 2 13/32"
  • Overall Top Width: 5' - 1"
  • Fully Folded Approx. 48" (your boat's configuration may limit the final height)
  • Weight: 108 lbs.

Tower Features:

  • Universal design fits consoles up to 50"
  • Pre-fabricated, pre-welded construction 
  • Assembles and installs without welding 
  • 2" diameter premium T6-6061 high tensile aluminum tubing
  • Powder coated black finish
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel fasteners
  • 5 year warranty

Canopy Features

  • USA Sunbrella™ for ultimate in fade-resistant and stain-resistant marine canvas for canopy 
  • Premium marine grade fastening rope
  • Rope ends stiffened 2cm to simplify and reduce canopy assembly time

Stryker T-Top Product Sheet (PDF)

Installation Guide Download

Stryker SG600 dimensions
Stryker SG600 folded down

exceptional t-top

The T-Top has made all the difference in my boat. It was easy to install and the quality is exceptional.

great looking

Love the T-Top, easy to install and great looking.

extremely please and impressed

I am extremely pleased and impressed with the ease of installation and quality

perfect fit

The Stryker T top is the best value on the market today and more stylish than most custom tops. Fits my boat perfectly.

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